The clients expect their advisor to advise.

Regulators continue to add regulation. It was about 10 year ago that Know your client document (i.e. ‘KYC’)  was about one page long. Now it’s like a book. We recently heard of an advisor’s client who was reading the full agreement from their custodian, it was 147 pages long. It seems that the regulators want advisors to regulate, however, the clients expect their advisor to advise. In order to make both parties happy advisors need tools that simplify the process for them but also adds a great deal of value to the client.

Financial planning is taking an increasingly important role in financial advisors’ menu of services offered to clients.

For Cary List, President and CEO of the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC), advisors’ increasing attention to financial planning comes at no surprise.

“There’s growing recognition and acceptance both by advisors on the ground and at the corporate level that the future of advice is in financial planning….but we have to stop talking about financial planning as a process, [You] have to start talking in the language that the client is going to buy into.”


Many advisors stated that they need simplified software tools, that are easy to understand, and include simplified training support, to be able to bring simplicity to complex issues.


My Financial Future is built to do exactly that. It is easy to enter client data, simple to use and provides tremendous amount of value to clients including: online access, seeing their financial growth over time and knowing how they are progressing to their retirement goal.


The duty of financial planners is to help clients live your life with greater certainty around their finances and how they are prepared for the future.


Resource credit for this blog post:

Investment Executive, Advisor Report Card (Anthony Burton, September 2018)

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