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An Intuitive, Comprehensive Financial Planning Tool

Built for Canadian financial advisors, My Financial Future visually shows the value of advice and increases client’s engagement in their financial future.

Simple & Intuitive

Easy to set-up your account. Run scenarios with the client without worrying that you missed something. Client Dashboard provides a quick summary for six key financial areas and their current status.

Comprehensive Planning

Every client’s financial needs and goals are unique and with My Financial Future, you can build a customized solution for each client.

Client Engagement

Secure online access for clients increases their engagement between meetings and provides an efficient, tailored experience for them.


Track client’s financial performance over time in a clear understandable way. Demonstrate the value of advice through easy to understand graphs and charts that show wealth building over time.

Enhanced Security

We treat the security of your data very seriously. We have applied industry standard practices for data security and use of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption for all information transmitted.


Have a question? E-mail or call our toll free support line. Want to see improvements? Send us your feedback. We’d love to add features that you think would enhance the client experience.


Help your clients reach their financial goals and potential. Clients need to understand the value you provide. My Financial Future was built to provide an easy to understand portal to track their financial progress over all areas of life.

What our customer say about us

My Financial Future has helped me clearly show my clients what is required for them to achieve their retirement and other financial goals. The program is very easy to use and quick to set up for a new client. Some of my clients appreciate being able to log in from home or work to run different scenarios and change variables on their own. The program also allows clients to link their goals to the budget page which helps with spending accountability. I recommend this program to any financial planner or advisor.

My Financial Future forever changed my client meetings. Prior to using the software it was about portfolio returns. Now it is about the client’s financial health; how their finances have changed over time and we are able to adjust financial scenarios in the meeting. The client log-in access has increased our client engagement and the document storage has been an invaluable tool.

My Financial Future allows me to walk through various scenarios with my clients and customize a plan that’s tailored to their specific needs. MFF captures all the variables that we can control in life that aren’t market specific. MFF is the focus of each client meeting and is not only a great value add for me as an advisors, but for my clients as well, as it keeps them accountable in realizing their financial goals.

My Financial Future is a tool that I, as a Financial Planner, have been using over the last 6 years. Throughout my 14 years of financial services experience, I have personally and professionally used dozens of financial planning software. No software adds up to the value that My Financial Future brings to the table on behalf of my clients. It’s attention to details and user friendly navigational capabilities makes for a seamless process each and every time I complete a review with any of my clients. In addition, I have numerous clients that are using this on a regular basis and they are so appreciative that our firm offers this value added tool that they can use to help handle and organize their financial world on an ongoing basis. Very grateful for a tool that helps me each day of the week.