CPP Calculator

The CPP calculator assumes you are currently 60 years old and you are trying to decide whether you should take your CPP now or wait. It will provide the optimal age to take CPP based on your life expectancy and what that projected benefit is. While this calculator provides insight it is not meant to be a final decision making tool. We do recommend talking to your financial advisor prior to making this important decision.


  • Today's Date:
  • Your Marginal Tax Rate after you receive your CPP Pension?
  • What Rate of Return would you make on your money if it was invested?
  • Are you eligible for the maximum CPP amount at age 65?
  • Average % Increase:
  • Penalty for electing under 65:
  • Premium for electing after 65:


  • You are currently 60 years old
  • CPP will grow at an annual inflation rate of 2%
  • Annual penalty is 7.2% for every year CPP is taken prior to age 65
  • Annual bonus is 8.4% for every year CPP is delayed after age 65
  • Calculator is based on information as of November 2017.

Best Age to take CPP

5 Year Average:
Results By Age (60-70):

Annual CPP Retirement Pension Amount You Could Receive Starting at 65:
Amount you should receive starting at age 60:
AgeGross CPP IncomeIncome TaxNet CPP IncomeTotal Net CPP IncomeTotal NPV